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Stivo Simple Boy releases ‘Freshi Barida’ remix – VIDEO

Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy has released his much-anticipated remix to his banger Freshi Barida, featuring gengetone music legend Mejja, rapper Ntosh Gazi, and Exray.

The song is already receiving great fan reception and has become the new anthem among gengetone music lovers. It is currently the eighth trending song on YouTube and has so far garnered more than 160K views in less than a day of its upload on the video streaming platform.

The song was produced by Mavo on The Beat while its video was directed by Mrima.

Freshi Baridi is a slogan that originated from an interview the Mihadarati hitmaker did with YouTuber Mungai Eve. Later, the artiste did a song with that title. Fans have since been demanding a remix to the song.

Prior to releasing the song, the singer, whose real name is Stephen Otieno Adera, officially trademarked the viral phrase. According to his management, Men in Business (MIB), any person or company that will use Simple Boy’s slogan without prior notice will risk a lawsuit. The team made it clear that the artiste owns all the exclusive rights for use of the catchphrase.

“The ‘Freshi Barida’ slogan has finally been trademarked under Stivo Simple boy’s name and he now owns the exclusive rights for the use of this slogan as per legal authorities. Any use of the slogan in advertisements or promotion of products, events or for any other commercial purpose without notice will lead to legal charges as per the authority agreement,” reads his management’s statement.

However, Men in Business (MIB) noted that fans could still use the slogan, which he has already incorporated into merchandise for sale to his fans.