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Guinean man arrested at JKIA with cocaine worth Sh 11m

Police are holding a Guinea national who was arrested with 2.8kg of cocaine at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

According to the head of Anti-Narcotic Police Unit, Hamisi Masa, the suspect Abdoulaye Diallo, 45, was arrested as he was waiting to board a plane to Benin.

“The police discovered that he had hidden the drugs with a street value of Sh11.1 million in his private parts and so he was arrested,” Mr Masa said.

He said the police discovered his trick on Thursday evening and put him on observation. He emitted the drug which were wrapped in polythene after a few hours.

“He is being held at the police station and we will take him to court on Monday to answer to charges of being in possession of drugs,” Mr Masa said.

He said the man was on transit from Doha in Qatar but it is not yet clear whether the drugs originated from the country.


Several people have been arrested at the JKIA in the recent past as they trafficked drugs to other countries.

Mr Masa warned that the police were aware of the new tactics used by the peddlers, adding that the Anti-Narcotics Unit was alert.

Recently traffickers have opted to using roads as ports and airports have been on a high alert. Last year alone, drugs estimated to be worth more than Sh50million were seized at the JKIA.

Two weeks ago, a Congolese national was arrested at the airport as she carried ten rolls of bhang valued at Sh30,000.

The 40 year old woman who was heading to Dubai was arrested at the police checking point after she showed signs of difficulty in walking. She had hidden the 10 rolls of bhang in her private parts.

Two weeks earlier, a Nigerian national was arrested at the same airport with narcotics suspected to be cocaine. The man was in transit to Nigeria from Sao Paolo, Brazil, when he was arrested on Saturday evening.