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Tanasha Donna: Zuckerberg frustrating my music creativity

Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna took to her Instagram to rant about the loss of her account on Spotify – a digital music, podcast and video streaming service that gives one access to millions of songs and other content from creators from all over the world.

It is through the app that she uploaded her music after beginning her career two years ago.

In the posts seen by Nairobi News on August 30, 2022, Tanasha said her account had been hacked by a person impersonating her and she had no way of recovering it except through her Instagram account which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company (formerly Facebook).

“Ugh, the stress that comes with this industry. I want my Spotify account. How can I get playlisted with a screenshot IG pic as a profile pic that I never even picked?” wrote Tanasha in part.

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Tanasha added, “How am I to be taken seriously or even considered for playlists? Cause trust me when I say the music is only gonna get better but it can’t go to waste till I fix this…”

She said her account had been claimed by a person called Naffarioh and no content on the account could be attributed to her.

She tried calling him and he claimed he found the account like that despite the account still being linked to her Instagram account.

“I can’t access my Spotify account since last year. Linking it to my IG would have been the solution but even that I can’t do cause I forgot my IG password given the fact my account is sensitive with all the previous hacking attempts and what not.

So IG can’t send me a reset password link …probably their way of protecting the account. The people we knew at IF have been unresponsive.

Tried to ask some of our contacts at Spotify and only solution would be linking it to my IG…I’m logged in now cause I have the app and it’s on my iCloud but if I God forbid I delete the app by mistake I’d be logged out till I fix it,” said Tanasha.

She further lamented that opening a new account would be cumbersome in transferring her catalogue to it and would be a difficult process.

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Reclaiming her account was the only option left.

“Being independent is tough. I wish I had all this music business knowledge before. Glad I do now.

I’ve literally never had to access my Spotify for artists account since I started this two years ago and didn’t know how important this is.

I’m hoping someone can help. This is a bit frustrating for me if I’m tryna get playlisted and consistently drop music till the end of the year.

It’s important that the music that goes to a profile that is mine and profile I have access to,” concluded Tanasha.

Spotify pays artists whenever their content is streamed and this could be in the hundreds of thousands considering the app currently has 181 million users streaming on their app.

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