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Terence Creative praises Milly Chebby for staying true to him before he became famous

Content creator Terrence Creative has always been vocal when it comes to his life journey from rags to riches.

And this time he has yet again given another glimpse of how life was for him and his wife Milly Chebby when they were not famous and were struggling in life.

The comedian also shared pictures of his humble beginnings with Milly Chebby.

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Lengo la kiraka haswa si urembo ni kuziba uchi,na ukiziba uchi umeziba aibu.Kwa miaka mingi uliziba uchi wangu bila ya kuskiza wapita njia Nashukuru Mungu miaka kadha baadaye Kile kiraka kinang’a sasa nakuonekana kama fasheni. Ama kweli aijuaye kesho ni Maulana. Jifunze kuvumilia kiraka chako siku njema zaja (The purpose of a piece of cloth sewed on an outfit is to cover the torn area so that the wearer of the outfit does not walk naked. For many years you have been my shield, covering up my shortcomings and you never listened to negative comments made by our critics. I thank God a few years later I am now a shining star, truly only God knows the future, always learn to persevere in life better days are ahead) Terrence Creative said.

Terrence Creative, real name Lawrence Macharia, met his wife in 2013 on Churchill Show. Milly Chebby was hired as the new floor manager in the Churchill enterprise. She had just quit her job as a public relations strategist at the then Office of the Prime Minister.

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In a past interview with the Nation Terrence revealed that he was once a street boy but was rescued and taken to a children’s home where he was able to finish his education.

He started hustling later on in life doing odd jobs, but life on the street introduced him to smoking, drinking and gambling. It took the efforts of his wife for him to quit smoking on October 23, 2017.

“Many told me that he wasn’t going to change and that I should leave him, but what they never realised was that the person they were talking about was Terence Creative and the one I knew was Lawrence Macharia. I could see the potential in him and the will. If Terence wasn’t for change, I would have dumped him a long time ago. The day he quit smoking, I knew there wasn’t an aspect in his life that can’t change, I never blamed him for anything because I understood it had to do with his upbringing,” Chebby said in a past interview.

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