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The People’s Champion April 25, 2014

April 25th, 2014 2 min read

Filthy city this! I took a walk on Saturday between Fire Station and Odeon Cinema where I was going to board a matatu and it felt so long because of the filth around, says Sharon Gicheru.

That part of the city has rubbish all around, not to mention the pungent smell that comes with it. It is very annoying and embarrassing because Nairobi County should serve as the best example to the rest.

The stench and litter is not only revolting but highly unhygienic.

Another problem is the drainage system, it only has to rain for a night and many roads in the city become impassable — a good example is between Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway which flood instantly.

Westlands area is no exception because it has become a muddy zone. The solution is in everyone’s hands, she concludes.


Intelligent thieves. The universities have become breeding grounds for robbers and prostitutes and society is to blame for this, says Gordon Pamba. The Government is the key catalyst that has made things turn out this way.

If only the authorities could ensure the lives of students are conducive for learning by letting them have access to money  that can seem them through the semester.

When things are rough, you cannot blame anyone for  getting tough to cope. Increasing fees and cost of living and not caring for the students’ welfare has made the students find ways to supplement their living.

The way society has created the street children menace is the same one they are using to create intelligent thieves in the campuses, Mr Pamba says. “I  cry for my motherland and its future,” he says.


Job creation urgent. Thousands of Kenyan youths scrambling in a recruitment drive for a Middle East airline with very few chances for African cabin crew was a bad image for the country at this age, says Kirimi Mike.

The bigger share of the Qatar Airways vacancies will of course be filled by Indians and South Koreans.

It’s high time the Government realised how pathetic the unemployment situation in the city and entire country is and come up with sustainable initiatives in capacity building and diversify interests to create jobs in sectors such as agriculture, the arts and environment to contain the apathy and help rescue the entire generation of perishing youth, Kirimi adds.

Let the State do what it has to to help its people, otherwise there will be a major brain drain, he says.


Blind banker? On the story of the banker who lost Sh700,000 to a conman she met online, Geraldine Mweni says: Just because this is done in the West does not mean its okay.

Online dating is for losers and its a multi-billion industry in the developed world for those who know how to con the vulnerable because social life has seriously gone down the drain. Kenya is a very open society and socialising is open and easy.

Unless you are the ultimate introvert you cannot fail to meet a suitor of your choice. That is why many tourists come to Kenya, just to enjoy the open socialising.

That so called banker deserves what she got, unless she has no family, friends, work mates, former school mates, etc. there is no excuse to such moronic adventure. The whole story is just annoying to say the least, she concludes.