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The Rock praises helicopter pilots who rescued Kenyan trucker

On Thursday, 4 May 2023, two pilots attached to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescued a trucker whose truck was overturned by floods along the Galana Kulalu Causeway between Kilifi and Tana River counties.

In a now-viral social media update by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the two pilots, brothers Taru Carr-Hartley and Roan Carr-Hartley, flew over the raging waters to where the truck driver was stranded in the middle of the flood and rescued him.

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Surrounded by floodwaters, the driver was trapped inside the vehicle. The crisis worsened as the water pushed the tanker onto its side, smashing the windscreen and engulfing the cabin.

The man clung to the roof, but it was only a matter of time before the river swallowed the entire vehicle.

Onlookers watched helplessly from the shore, horrified but unable to intervene as the current made any crossing impossible.

The SWT Aerial Unit sprang into action.

Taru Carr-Hartley flew the SWT helicopter to the scene, accompanied by Roan Carr-Hartley. They immediately spotted the broken truck, dwarfed by the raging river.

They were relieved to see the driver still hanging on as they approached.

The gusty winds and the swirling water made for difficult flying conditions. Danger lurked below, between the raging river and a tanker full of fuel.

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Slowly, steadily, Taru inched the helicopter towards the truck, hovering an astonishing six centimetres above it.

Meanwhile, Roan strapped himself into a harness attached to the aircraft. In one smooth motion, he stepped onto the tanker, grabbed the driver’s hand and helped him on board, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust said in its statement.

Days later, Hollywood movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson praised the Hartley brothers for their bravery and sent them his love.

The Black Adam star said: “Hey, this message is for two very special people, very skilled and special pilots. Roan and Taru Carr Hartley. Dwayne Johnson here, aka The Rock… boys, I just want to say I was so impressed, so moved and inspired by your act of courage, your bravery and heroism.

When you rescued that man whose truck had overturned – and I have had the great fortune and privilege of playing a helicopter pilot in situations like that – but you guys are the real deal.

In my little bit of training and research, I understand how difficult that is and I was so moved by that. I was so incredibly impressed and I just wanted to give you guys so much love,” The Rock said in his video message to the brothers.

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