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TikTok fight! Akothee and Nyako in an ugly spat over ‘GOAT’ title

Songbird Akothee and renowned content creator Nyako are embroiled in nasty online fight over who holds the title of the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) on TikTok.

The tiff erupted when Nyako posted an insult-laden video challenging Akothee to a one-on-one verbal slugfest.

Nyako claims she only stumbled on videos of Akothee indirectly throwing shade at her.

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“I was scrolling, and from the videos, you can tell that I am being addressed directly or indirectly in those videos,” Nyako says in a viral video.

At some point in the video, Nyako gets very personal with Akothee, going as far as calling her by all sort of unprintable words.

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“The president of single mothers (Akothee). I am the president of TikTok. Come with a little respect here in TikTok. We know you are the madam money. You marry even a 100-year-old Mzungu; you don’t care. Come slowly. You are the brand, yes, but not on TikTok. TikTok belongs to hustlers, not for the braggarts. You don’t have money. TikTok has its owners. You won’t succeed here. Come slow,” Nyako vented.

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Nyako also claims she has more TikTok followers than Akothee and that the renowned singer is not her match on that platform.

“When it comes to insults, I am the house of insults. I can insult you until when you wake up, you cannot find anything in your head,” Nyako fumes.

In response, Akothee dared Nyako to keep mentioning her name, threatening to expose her and even visit Germany to address her in person.

“I will insult you with true things. Actually, it is Akothee’s name paying your bills. You do not have content to talk to your fans about? What did you come to do on TikTok? I am the GOAT; I do not need anyone’s name for clout,” Akothee retorted.