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TikToker Ajib Gathoni responds to ‘healing’ from nasty breakup with Josh Wonder

TikToker Ajib Gathoni says she’s already healed from her breakup with Josh Wonder.

The content creator made the revelation in a video on TikTok while responding to a fan.

Ajib lip-synced the response to ‘When you start treating them the same way they used to treat you’ when one of her fans called her out for what he termed ‘projecting her hurt on TikTok.’

The fan said, “This is just to prove that you haven’t healed yet, using defensive TikTok audios to bounce back. How about you take a moment to yourself and heal slowly.”

Shooting back, Ajib said, “I did four months ago. Now I’m just playing around with TikTok sounds. Sir, it is not that serious, relax and breathe.”

Ajib and Josh broke up in 2022.

The split was initially quiet but blew up when their fans noticed the gap forcing Josh to explain the cause of split.

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He claimed cheated on him with multiple men while they were dating.

In an interview a couple of weeks ago, he further suggested his love for her pushed him to compromise not once or twice hoping that it would stop but it kept happening to the point he decided to rip off the bandage.

“In a relationship, it is wrong to have an affair, for me, I tried to compromise from November to February but it kept happening, I am a person who can forgive cheating because I know we are human beings and it can happen, so if it happens once we can work together to rectify it, but it didn’t happen once, it kept on happening,” he said.

Further, he claimed that days leading to their split, Ajib tried to secretly have him kicked out of their house which he paid for rent.

“Previously during the relationship I’m the one who used to ensure rent was paid and anything else to do with the house. At this time when things were going sour, person X decided to call the owner of the house, telling the owner, to change every piece of information in the tenant agreement from under my name to hers,” he said in the TikTok live session.

Towards the tail end of March, the two stopped using each other’s hashtags in their videos on TikTok.

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