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Trevor Noah: From taxi driver to celebrated entertainer

Trevor Noah has opened up about his diverse range of jobs he held before his career in comedy took off.

From working at a video game arcade to reading electricity meters, Noah’s journey to success has been marked by hard work, determination, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

In a recent episode of his Spotify podcast, Noah said:

“I’ve had a job,” Noah exclaimed, countering a suggestion that he had never worked a traditional 9 to 5.

“I worked at a video game arcade, you know, you’d buy like tokens and stuff. I was the person to turn your money into tokens.”

Describing his stint as a meter reader for his mother’s business, Noah emphasized the physical demands of the job, highlighting the challenges of navigating South Africa’s streets to collect electricity readings.

But perhaps one of the most unexpected revelations came when Noah disclosed that he spent a year as a taxi driver, a job that required him to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and drive until late into the night.

Despite the grueling hours, Noah acknowledged the value of his experience behind the wheel.

“These are real jobs,” Noah asserted, pushing back against any suggestion that his early work experiences were insignificant. “I think these are real jobs.”

However, as Noah transitioned from his previous roles to his current position as host of “The Daily Show,” he reflected on the profound changes in his life.

Moving to America and taking on the responsibility of hosting a major television program represented a significant shift for Noah, yet he noted that it was not always perceived as such by others.

“At that time, nobody asked me, ‘Wow, what a big change for you,'” Noah remarked, highlighting the contrast between his early jobs and his later career milestones.

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