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I’d taken just two bottles, says drunk driver in ‘rat on the highway’ viral clip – VIDEO

A man who was arrested for drunk driving in December 2016 and became the face of displeasure against alcoblow operations now says he had not exceeded the limit on the fateful night.

A video of Alex Sadi, who works as a doctor in Mombasa, has been going viral where he was captured incoherently unloading on police officers and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officials.

In the clip from NTV, he famously questioned why he was being arrested like a rat on the highway and told them that they were wasting their time.

He added that he had been driving for more than 20 years.

Sadi now says he left his workplace and went to meet up with a friend at a pub where he only took two bottles of beer over a chat.


“I took only two bottles of beer before I left for home. I knew one can have at least two bottles which does not exceed the limit,” he said.

“I got to the (Nyali) bridge and found a lot of people I was not expecting. I officers wanted me to blow the alcoblow, which I refused because of the hygiene.”

He says he blew into the gadget thrice and even though the officers did not share with him the result, he was arrested and spent the night at a police station. He was later released by a court in Shanzu on a fine of Sh5,000.

Mr Sadi maintains that it was unnecessary for the NTSA officers to treat motorists in such a manner.

“How can someone catch me like a rat on a highway? I think there are better ways to do it. I said it was wrong and I still maintain it’s wrong to arrest someone like that,” he posed in the latest interview.

Sadi says he’s not a drunkard but only takes alcohol for leisure and only after work.