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Uasin Gishu chiefs in trouble over poor attendance at Jamhuri day fete

Uasin Gishu county commissioner Edison Nyale has accused local chiefs of failing to mobilize residents to turn up for national events.

A visibly disturbed Nyale paraded the chiefs during the Jamhuri day fete at the Kapsoya Secondary School and threatened to sack them.

Area Governor Jonathan Bii aka Koti Moja was in attendance.

“It is really sad that we have few residents who turned up to this event. Going forward, I will fire those chiefs who fail to mobilize the residents to turn up,” warned Nyale.

He noted it was regrettable the event was characterized by empty seats, noting that residents ought to turn up to listen to government policies.

“We have crucial government policies to share with members of the public like planting trees. How can we reach the members of the public if you fail to mobilize turn up to this important event?”

Area County Governor Jonathan Bii also warned county administrators over laxity.

He said they will redeploy county administrators to various regions to boost service delivery.

Governor Bii also took issue with some county officials who solicit bribes, noting that security agencies must arrest those officers involved.

“We will be re-organizing soon various sub-county administrators. I also want to ask security apparatus to take action against anyone involved in soliciting bribes,” added the governor.

Mr Nyale said that his team had formed a multi-agency team to crack down on the illicit brew.

He warned the bodaboda operators and landlord owners against being used to hide the criminals.

Governor Bii said a taskforce had been formed to recommend whether the Eldoret main market will be closed.

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