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Uganda’s activist Stella Nyanzi opens up on life after leaving her baby daddy

By Freya Wanjiku December 6th, 2022 2 min read

Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi has opened up on life after leaving her baby daddy.

In her Facebook post, Nyanzi shared that she parted ways with her children’s father over 15 years ago after he chose to remain in the UK and apply for asylum on grounds of sexual orientation when her student visa for the PhD expired.

“I returned home to Uganda with Baraka, our two-year-old daughter and a three-months pregnancy with the twins,” she reveals.

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After giving birth to the twins, Nyanzi’s parents welcomed her back home allowing her time to travel all over the world in order to secure her finances well enough to provide for the children.

“My family raised my children as I flew from one international conference to another, as I undertook one international research project after another, as I applied for and won one international research grant after another.

My father loaned me a lot of money in the early days when the children were little and sickly. I never paid back the money before his death.”

Adding that her mother was hands-on, she cared, nurtured and loved her children, Nyanzi admits that it was difficult being a single mother.

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Having established friendships with key suppliers of services she needed for her children’s wellbeing, Nyanzi shares that she was always in debt.

“School bursars became my friends because I was always in debt over school fees! They gave me lenient slower payment options that allowed me to deposit instalments every month. Shopkeepers in every neighbourhood we lived in became my friends because I kept a debt book with them.”

Adding that she made firm friendships for survival sustenance, Nyanzi noted, “This was my routine in each neighbourhood where I got a family clinic, barber, saloon, electrician, plumber, even bodaboda riders.”

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Explaining that it was in her three children’s desire for wholeness for them to physically reconnect with their missing father, the outspoken Nyanzi said that although it hurts, it is important for them.

“It is also very comforting for me to know that their unanswered questions about their paternal side can now begin getting resolution.

My children will be healthier because they are now reconnected to their father. I can now die in peace because my last pending debt was cleared when Ousman reunited with his children in our lifetime.”

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