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Unraveling the meaning of Lillian Muli’s ‘Tore Bobe’ post with Shabana FC boss

The Kisii-based football club, Shabana FC, is set to celebrate their grand homecoming today at the Gusii Stadium.

Excitement is soaring as fans prepare to witness their beloved team, fondly known for their tagline “Tore Bobe,” which translates to “We are the big bad, fear us.” This tagline, popularized by the club, symbolizes their dominance on the field and the message that they are a force to be reckoned with.

As Shabana FC basks in the glory of their recent victory, one of Kenya’s well-known TV news anchors, Lillian Muli, has added to the excitement with her recent post on social media.

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In the post, Lillian shared a heartwarming picture of herself and her baby daddy, Jared Nevaton Ombongi, who is the Shabana FC boss.

The picture captured the pair attending an undisclosed event, and both appeared joyful in each other’s company.

Lillian praised Jared for his fatherly role and called him “Baba Liam.” She also tagged him as “Mr. Chairman” of Shabana FC, celebrating his leadership in the football club.

Adding to her post, Lillian playfully used the club’s famous tagline, “Tore Bobe,” indicating the strength of their bond and possibly hinting at the enduring spirit of the football club.

Her post has garnered enthusiastic reactions from her followers, with many expressing their delight in seeing her relationship with the football administrator.

Lillian Muli’s journey with Jared Nevaton Ombongi has been a subject of public interest since they were first spotted together at a football event in Machakos in 2015.

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The media was abuzz with rumors as Lillian had recently divorced her first husband, and her newfound connection with Jared captivated many.

Their relationship flourished, and they welcomed a baby boy named Liam. However, like any couple, they faced their share of challenges. Lillian took to social media to share her grievances about Jared, describing him as a “community husband” in a heated message. Despite the rough patch, the two eventually reconciled.

Their love story took twists and turns, but Lillian’s affectionate post has ignited fans’ curiosity about their relationship’s current status.

As the Shabana FC homecoming celebration approaches, fans eagerly await the presence of Lillian and Nevaton at the event, hoping to witness their unwavering support for the victorious football club.

As the festivities kick off at the Gusii Stadium, the “Tore Bobe” spirit will be on full display, reflecting the football club’s determination on the field and the resilience and hopefulness that come with embracing love and second chances in life.

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