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Valentine’s Day 2024: TikTok’ reveals 10 most wanted gifts

By Hilary Kimuyu February 13th, 2024 2 min read

The second month of the New Year is all about embracing the season of love.

With Valentine’s Day 2024 right around the corner, the hunt for the perfect gift to celebrate your loved ones is on.

A study conducted by analyzed the view counts of different videos on TikTok to identify the top 10 most popular Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Introducing a sex toy into a relationship can be a positive experience for many couples, promoting open communication about sexual desires and preferences. Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, the market typically witnesses a rise in sales of adult toys by around 15%. This year, we expect the same kind of increase, just as we have observed in the past,” said Lelo.

Here are the ten most popular Valentine’s Day gift according to TikTok

“Let’s Wrap This Up” condom-shaped love card leads the list of TikTok’s popular Valentine’s Day gifts, generating 10 million views. This fun DIY project is for those who appreciate good humour and only require paper, markers, and glue.

“Heart-shaped pasta” is the second most popular Valentine’s Day gift, attracting 8.4 million views. This romantic dinner idea, a treat for foodie Valentines, costs, on average, only $20 to prepare. Heart-shaped pasta is also known to be Gigi Hadid’s favourite.

“Kisses Hoodie” takes third place on the list of TikTok’s popular Valentine’s Day gifts, with only 1 million fewer views than the one above. This DIY gift requires only a basic hoodie and red lipstick.

“Stanley Cup” is the fourth most-wanted Valentine’s Day gift, with 4.6 million views. The limited Rose-hued Valentine’s edition of this famous cup costs can be a good reminder-gift to stay hydrated at all times.

“Love is Art Canvas and Paint Kit” is fifth on the list of TikTok’s popular Valentine’s Day gifts, garnering 1 million TikTok views. This set is designed for an artsy couple to capture their intimate moments by bringing a canvas into the bedroom.

“Love in Every Step” Converse Valentine’s shoes take the sixth place, with 675K people interested in gifting them for Valentines.

The seventh TikTok’s popular Valentine’s Day gift is “The Rose Toy,” attracting 670K views. This elegant and beautiful adult toy is a perfect gift for women wanting to enhance their sexual experiences.

“You Turn Me On” gift is the eighth most popular V’day gift, attracting 400K views. This is a perfect gift for adult fans of the famous build-a-bear.

“Personalized Led Calendar” ranks ninth on the list, with 250K views. This gift is designed for a sentimental Valentine who appreciates each and every moment together.

“Warning Choking Hazard” underwear for men closes the list of TikTok’s popular Valentine’s Day, with 21K views. It can bring your male partner a lifetime’s worth of ego boost.