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Viral video exposes ex-MP demeaning his driver and bodyguard

Former Kabondo Kasipul MP, Silvance Osele, who now serves as a director at the presidential delivery unit, may find himself in hot water after a video emerged online showing him belittling his driver and bodyguard for not being well-educated.

In the short video, Mr Osele spoke to Kadika Girls Secondary School students during a funds drive to construct a multipurpose hall.

While giving a motivational speech, the former MP shared his life story and how privileged he is as a government official.

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However, his choice to use his own assistants as an example to illustrate the benefits of education may not be well-received by some, including his bodyguard and driver, who he criticized for not working hard in school.

In his motivational speech, he briefly explained his previous day before traveling to Migori. According to Mr Osele, he spent Thursday night in Nairobi.

He then flew the following morning from the capital city to Kisumu. From Kisumu, the former legislator said he was driven in a luxury car.

What caused a stir online was how he described the journey of his bodyguard and driver from Nairobi to Migori.

“Because my driver and bodyguard never studied hard as me, as I was sleeping in Nairobi, my driver and bodyguard were driving through the night to come and wait for me here [in Migori],” Mr Osele said.

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Former Kabondo Kasipul MP, Silvance Osele. PHOTO| COURTESY

He described how the two would take him back to the airport in Kisumu before taking another flight to Nairobi. The two would again drive back to Nairobi.

“In the evening, I will be with my beautiful wife and three children eating supper,” Mr Osele said.

The incident has caused a stir online, with many people condemning Mr Osele for his comments.

Despite this, the school event continued, with other leaders, including Migori Governor Ochilo Ayacho and Suna West MP Peter Masara, helping raise funds.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Governor Ayacho emphasized the importance of quality education in preparing children for the future.

“One of the cardinal responsibilities of leaders is to develop a future generation that can engage productively in society, being helpful to self, their communities, and the nation at large,” he said.

Whether Mr Osele will face any consequences for his comments remains to be seen.

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