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Jalang’o’s three survival rules for Nairobi youth

Living in Nairobi can be tough and expensive, especially for young people trying to make ends meet. But Langata MP Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has shared three simple rules that he believes can help people survive in the capital city.

Firstly, Jalang’o advises people to be crafty.

“In Nairobi you must practice bidii (hard work) and ukora kidogo (being crafty) to survive,” Mr Odiwuor said.

He believes that a little bit of deceit can go a long way in reducing Nairobi’s living costs. However, he also emphasizes the importance of hard work in putting food on the table.

Secondly, Jalang’o encourages youth to be prayerful, citing his own success due to his faith.

Speaking at Homa Bay Central SDA Church, he recounted his childhood struggles as a fisherman on Koginga beach, where he accompanied other fishermen to the lake using wooden boats to catch fish.

Finally, Jalang’o urges young people to have big dreams and to be open to different opportunities in life.

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He expressed concern for his former workmates who are still struggling in Homa Bay Town, despite the closure of the fish processing factory where they used to work over 20 years ago.

“You must have dreams of being successful and getting far. It is unfortunate that my age mates are still struggling with life after many years,” Mr Odiwuor said.

He said visiting Homa Bay brings back a lot of childhood memories, especially about struggles that he went through.

“When I am home, I flashback to how my life has been as a fisherman in the lake. But I always believe that God can uplift whoever believes in him,” the MP said.

As a former fisherman himself, Jalang’o understands the struggles of those still engaged in the trade.

However, he believes that with hard work, prayer, and cunning, anyone can rise above their circumstances and succeed.

So, if you’re a young person trying to survive in Nairobi, remember Jalang’o’s three rules: be crafty, work hard, and have big dreams.

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