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Singer Vivian said she walked from Nairobi West to Nyayo and KOT can’t let her be

Secular musician Vivian Wambui, better known as Vivian, has been trolled for what might have been an error on what she said on Friday during an interview.

While speaking about the beginning of her career, her road to success and the hardships she encountered, the Chingi Changa singer was quoted saying that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo.

Though she did not clarify which Nyayo she was talking about, many on social media concluded that it must have been Nyayo Stadium, which is a stone’s throw away from Nairobi West.

Last year, in a long post on Facebook, the recounted her life struggles, detailing how she once earned a living as a mali mali’ hawker.

“I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet,” she wrote back then.

She urged her fans not to despise someone’s humble beginnings and those who are struggling in life.

“Your current situation is not your future,” she wrote at the time.

But her blooper on Saturday saw Kenyans on Twitter turning her into their punching bag.