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Wachawi! Akothee slams women messaging her husband naughty things

Singer Akothee has taken to Instagram to address a brewing issue regarding her personal life.

In an explosive Instagram Live session on Tuesday, August 1, the mother of five called out women who have been showing an undue interest in her husband, Schweizer Omosh, on social media.

“You think I have been dumped to slide in his DM. All those sending him DMs, I am reading them,” she said.

Akothee also expressed her frustration with people who appear to revel in her perceived misfortunes, particularly when it comes to matters of love.

“Mnachokesha akili sana. You always wish me bad things. Would anyone announce a breakup in a [music promotional] poster?”

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Akothee clarified that the recent poster she had shared was about her new song, Niko Singo.

“Go to my YouTube and watch my song. Oh Akothee is not singing, oh she is pregnant. I am not pregnant. Niko menopause,” she added.

She revealed that several bloggers had flooded her messages, inquiring if everything was okay, assuming that the much talks about music poster was somehow related to her personal life.

“Who organizes a poster to announce they are single? Stop diverting from the point. Accept that I have dropped a hit song, and it’s now on YouTube.”

In addition, Akothee touched on the topic of her second wedding, which she had previously announced would take place in July, 2023.

She said she would no longer be sharing her plans with her fans, as some individuals have attempted to sabotage her efforts.

“About the wedding, there was no wedding. I was clout chasing. Was I marrying your relative? I will stop telling you my plans since some of you are not celebrating me,” she shouted.

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On why she stopped posting pictures of her husband on social media, Akothee firmly stated that Dennis “Omosh” Schweizer is not a celebrity, and she prefers to keep their private life out of the public eye.

“Oh you are posting him too much, oh you have not been posting him…is he a celebrity? He is busy working,” she added.

The singer also revealed that some fans continue to flood her DMs, even though she is happily married.

“I see your DMs, and I am married. And incase niachwe, najua kuoga na siogopi kuachwa (In case I’m dumped, I know how to move on, and I am not afraid of being dumped) and even now, my DM is full despite being married. And I don’t stay single for long.”

Akothee also clarified her recent appearance at an event with her ex-lover, Nelly Oaks, stating that he is family to her.

She criticized the notion that her and Nelly Oaks’ presence at her daughter’s club launch event meant she was single.

She emphasized that her husband, Schweizer Omosh, has no issue with her relationship with Nelly Oaks and that they will meet and have a drink when he returns.

“My husband Omosh has even said he will meet Nelly Oaks when he comes back and they will have a drink. Wachawi nyinyi! (You evil people!)” she said before she played her latest song to her fans.

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