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Wahu, Kwambox and Njugush share their thoughts on youth empowerment

In celebration of Global Education Week, key Kenyan influencers in the edutainment industry, including singer Wahu, Kwambox, and comedian Njugush, converged for a panel discussion on the transformative power of entertainment in education and its impact on women’s empowerment.

The discussion, part of an initiative called EduTalk, featured education stakeholders from the private sector engaging in a dialogue on pressing global topics.

Education experts delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving education landscape, digitization trends, and the ongoing global discourse on gender equality and inclusion.

During the session, the seasoned entertainers spoke about the role of entertainment media and pop culture in shaping educational narratives and fostering women’s empowerment through sustainable initiatives.

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Media personality, Shiela Kwamboka aka Kwambox pointed out the responsibility of media and influential personalities in mentoring the youth.

Kwambox highlighted the evolving learning styles of today’s children and stressed the need for the edutainment industry to adapt and incorporate new methodologies in content creation.

Award-winning musician Wahu emphasised the fundamental role of parents and guardians in the education of the youth, acknowledging the “on-demand” nature of information consumption by today’s kids.

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She urged the need for educators and content creators to adapt to contemporary learning methods.

“Kids live an ‘on demand’ life, they want their information and answers now. We need to catch up with them, and adapt to their methods of learning, not necessarily what we grew up with,” she said.

Comedian Njugush underscored the importance of preparing today’s youth for the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

He advocated for a blend of traditional and modern media methodologies to deliver relevant educational content that resonates with the younger generation.

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EduTalk, powered by Bic East Africa, delved into themes aligned with global hot topics and responded to the changing education landscape, digital advancements, and the ongoing dialogue on gender equality and inclusion.

Francois-Xavier Lede, Head of Sales at Bic East Africa, expressed the company’s dedication to education and creating platforms for impactful conversations.

He highlighted Bic’s commitment to improving learning conditions for 250 million students by 2025 as part of its sustainable development program.

Global Education Week, concluded on Sunday, aligns with BIC’s broader commitment to education, promoting awareness of its crucial role in creating a sustainable and equitable world.