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Waiguru relationship gives alpha women hope

Anne Mumbi Waiguru has found love. Finally! One of Kenya’s first female governors has been swept off her feet by city lawyer Mr Kamotho Waiganjo.

In an intimate ceremony attended by only friends and close family the two lovebirds Waiguru and Kamotho declared their love for each other. In my mind, I imagined, a terribly shy and incredibly beautiful Waiguru standing next to Kamotho — obviously avoiding eye contact, because she would turn pink with all the blushing— as the elders declared them man and wife in accordance to the Kirinyaga community traditions.

It was a love story like no other, which has been bubbling and simmering quietly yet passionately for 10 years now. Boy meets girl on a ferry in Mombasa and they share a simple meal of soda and bread before they get talking about anything and everything under the sun.

Mr Kamotho, must have been impressed by Waiguru’s astonishing intelligence and vast knowledge of many things; from public policy to politics. The beauty was just the icing on the cake Mr Kamotho would soon realize. It was only a matter of time before the two would confirm what the rest of us suspected anyway, and because love, like the truth or the sun, will always come out, the two love birds came out publicly and now, we identify them as the newest couple in town; Mr and Mrs Kamotho Waiganjo.


Wow. Amazing. I am actually happy writing this column. Because I love love. I love to love and be loved. I especially love it when I see powerful women like Waiguru find the love, happiness and fulfillment they deserve.

You know, Waiguru and Kamotho’s love story is amazing in many ways. I’ll say it as it is. For a formerly divorced and single mother of three boys, Waiguru has proved to the world that there is love after divorce and that single moms — especially those of boys — can find love again. This beautiful love story makes a very strong statement; that single mothers are not lesser women, that they can and should be loved as Kamotho loves Waiguru; publicly, loudly, unashamedly, passionately, defiantly, boldly.

For the women who are single or single again, this love story of Waiguru and Kamotho is a perfect example that no matter who you are — madam governor, single, divorced — there is always somebody for everyone. That you can love and be loved again, even in a society that looks down on single mothers. Waiguru also brings hope to women of a certain age who might feel inadequate or insecure; that you can fall in love all over again at any age, that you are still beautiful and attractive, even if you are no longer 25.

Furthermore, in a country where strong women are treated with contempt rather than admiration, Waiguru makes a very strong case that powerful women need love and support too. That they may seem self-contained but deep down, they, like the rest of us, need a loving and caring man to go home to. A man who is not with her because of what she is, but a man who loves her for who she is. In Waiguru’s world, all things are possible, including true love. That right there, is what makes this love story so profound.


And of course, my admiration for men like Kamotho Waiganjo is only matched by my respect for him. It takes a different kind of man to court and convince an alpha female like Anne Waiguru to “align”. I daresay that amongst Kenyan men, Kamotho Waiganjo is a first among equals. It takes a man of courage, a man firmly self-assured in his own abilities to marry a woman like Waiguru. Perhaps Kamotho could consider making a presentation on “How to Date and Marry An Alpha Female” at the next men’s conference.

Then again, for a long time, we were all under the impression that Waiguru was seeing somebody else — whom we shall not name here — but Kamotho declared his stand early and marked his territory. Or maybe, could this be a case of the underdog conquering the Goliath?

Perhaps this could be an learning moment for young men out there who have set their sights on an alpha female — tap into the courage of Kamotho, and learn how to make your underdog status work for you!

Going forward, I wish these two love birds the best. I wish them love and happiness, the kind of love that will anchor both souls even in their most trying times.

And to Anne, congratulations, girl, or should I say, congrats, Mrs Anne Mumbi Waiguru-Kamotho!