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Wanted: Nyama choma joint that Riggy G promised during campaigns

Kenyans are wondering whether Deputy Rigathi Gachagua has built a fancy home in Kieni with a nyama choma zone as he promised last year during the campaign period.

Speaking in Mathira on June 29, 2022, Gachagua said he would use his money that had at the time been frozen by the government to build the posh choma zone.

At the time, Gachagua also said residents would freely visit him in his new fancy home and that they would share meals together.

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“You know this government froze my account. When we take power, I will take my money back and I will come and build a home here in Kieni so that you can come to visit me. I will build a nice house and also a nice place where men can grill meat and also drink what we drink as we talk,” he said.

“For the women, we will have a nice place for them to be visiting Mama Gachagua as they drink porridge while singing and dancing.”

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On February 1, 2023, Gachagua received back his Sh202 million which had been frozen by the state.

The Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) said that after gathering new evidence, they found out that the money forfeited to the state six months ago was not proceeds of crime and that the Deputy President had explained the source and legitimacy of the said money to satisfaction.

However, one month down the line, it is yet to be established if the DP has began constructing the fancy home and the choma zone.

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