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Watch: Ruto’s glowing review for Swahili Village restaurant in New Jersey

By Winnie Mabel September 18th, 2023 2 min read

Dressed in a beige Kaunda suit, his favorite dressing style of late, President William Ruto cut across as a man about town yesterday when he toured the Swahili Village restaurant in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America.

The restaurant’s owner, Mr Kevin Onyona, took him on a tour of the facility where several guests were already seated and dining but immediately swiped out their phones to capture the President as he went around touching furnishings, greeting patrons and infectiously laughing with his hosts.

President William Ruto tours Swahili Village in New Jersey. PHOTO| COURTESY

Following his tour of the common and VIP areas, the President was handed a microphone to address Mr Onyona and his patrons at the brown brick building located at a busy intersection in Jersey City.

“We are very proud as Kenyans, and I’m a very proud Kenyan leader that you came all the way, hustled your way into this great investment, and we’ve come here to celebrate what you are doing, and you are doing very well. The food is awesome. The ambiance is on another level, so congratulations.”

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“I know many other people from many nationalities. People in this great country in America will enjoy the cuisine here and the services of this great Swahili restaurant, and I was particularly thrilled to see that you have kept the tradition and the style of the food. It felt like we were in Nairobi in a flash. We almost forgot that we were in the USA because the food was so Kenyan that we really felt at home,” said President Ruto.

Watch the exclusive tour of the restaurant.

President Ruto also said that Kevin’s home country is where humanity started, and humankind is in Kenya; therefore, everyone worldwide should find time to “come home.”

In another statement, President Ruto said, “Kenyans are known for being hardworking, industrious, and having a sharp eye for opportunities beyond our borders. Witnessing the success of thriving Kenyans abroad propels us to intensify our foreign relations efforts to broaden opportunities for many more.

Mr Onyona is also the founder of the Swahili Village Bar and Restaurant located in Washington, DC.

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