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WATCH: Uhuru talks to bodyguard during Labour Day speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta caused a light moment during his Labour Day speech when he turned and briefly talked to his aide-de-camp Lietenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolol.

The Head of State was addressing the nation and workers in particular while stressing the impact   Covid-19 to the country.

He also explained that no civil servant had lost his job or suffered a pay cut as a result of the pandemuc.

“And indeed I am proud to say that unlike the private sector that declared redundancies that led to retrenchments, we in the public sector maintained our work force at pre-covid levels,” he stated.

“There was no teacher, no worker in government, no policeman who lost his job because there was no money. No one had to endure a pay cut.”

To which the President looked back and asked his aide-de-camp ‘did you have your salary cut?” amid laughter from the crowd.

The Navy officer who was donning a mask saluted and appeared to say some words before the president proceeded with his speech.

President Kenyatta also explained his government had come up with initiative to cushion Kenyans against the pandemic including the introduction of the Kazi Mtaani initiative, where the youth were offered chances to clean up their estates for a fee of about Sh500 a day.

The President also announced a 12% salary increment to workers.