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Weezdom: Bahati, Willy Paul beef was good for the industry

Singer Weezdom says the Kenyan entertainment industry needs to pluck a page from the Tanzanian showbiz booklet if its players want to revive our boring showbiz.

In the last two months, Tanzanian showbiz has enjoyed some tantalizing moments as two of their heavyweights, Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba spent much of their time trolling each other over their successes and misses.

Their banter which many of their fans perceived as ‘beef,’ created a buzz around subsequent music that the duo released during that period.

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Weezdom now notes that such healthy competitive beef is what is lucking in Kenyan showbiz, and that’s why the industry appears to be slacking.

The singer cited a past beef between former gospel singer Kevin Bahati and Willy Paul as an example of a healthy rivalry that sparked public interest in Kenyan showbiz.

“If you follow Tanzanian showbiz its very interesting and captivating, there is always some creative gist about their industry which is what we luck here. What we do here is clout chasing with very silly stupid stunt that gets nowhere,” Weezdom argues.

Weezdom, who took a music sabbatical, says he enjoyed it when Bahati and Willy Paul tore each other, sparking public interest, which later on created some good business ground for both parties.

“However, at some point, they lost the plot, and it became kind of personal and stupid losing the mojo and flavor,” Weezdom said.

With Diamond and Alikiba online beef intensifying, the Enjoy hitmaker was forced to come out and clarify that their fight wasn’t personal.

Diamond was later spotted hanging out with Alikiba’s younger brother Abdu Kiba.

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