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Why DJ Krowbar prefers working at entertainment spots rather than gospel shows

Gospel artist Fredrick Karumba, popularly known as DJ Krowbar, recently opened up about his decision to refrain from working with christian media stations, despite his strong faith in christianity.

In an interview with Cate Rira on her podcast POV, Krowbar shared insightful details about his career and personal beliefs.

Krowbar’s journey in the music industry began in 2004 at the tender age of 19.

Over the years, he has garnered acclaim and recognition for his outstanding talent as a DJ.

Notably, he recounted his experience winning the Best DJ award in the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition in 2008, organized by a beer company.

“When I won the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition in 2008, it was a media nightmare for EABL,” Krowbar stated.

“I entered the competition with the knowledge that I would not play secular music. EABL was seeking the best DJ to promote their brand, Pilsner.

I registered playing gospel music, and to everyone’s surprise, I emerged as the winner. They felt they had a lot to explain if they awarded someone else. Consequently, I went on their marketing tour.”

Despite being a committed gospel artist, Krowbar expressed his reluctance to work with gospel media houses, emphasizing his preference for being on the ground and reaching out to individuals beyond the Christian community.

“I am called for those people out there,” Krowbar asserted.

“I am not called to shepherd believers; I am called for people out there.

I am an evangelist. That is why I have never worked with a Christian media house, and it’s not like I haven’t received offers. I turn them down.

When I go DJ in these environments, there is an innate connection. As a believer, there are systems in place when entering clubs.”

Elaborating on his approach to performing in non-religious venues, Krowbar explained, “You have to take authority in that club.

I never go alone; I go with at least three people. Before I perform in an entertainment joint, I pray and claim the space, reminding myself that I am representing God.

I have faced rejection and even been booed before, but such experiences have helped me develop a thick skin.”

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