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Why Elsa Majimbo has vowed never to marry an African man

By Winnie Mabel December 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Five days ago, Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo, 21, a transplant to the United States of America, introduced her Caucasian boyfriend to the world in a steamy post.

Her boyfriend, DJ Hkeem, held her up on his waist as she cut a seductive post as she held on to him.

“To my darling love, thank you for bringing me so much happiness, love, joy. Thank you for showing me what love looks like. Thank you for doing my hair and playing chess with me and buying me things (my favorite). I love you so,” said Elsa to whom her boyfriend responded by commenting, “You’re the best girlfriend, partner and friend I could ask for! A superwoman! I’m so happy the universe brought you to my life! I love you baby. PS, I’m practicing for a next chess game, finna will get a W.”

Days later, Majimbo hopped onto TikTok where she vowed she would marry outside her culture and Africa.

“Not only am I going to marry outside my culture, I’m going to marry outside my continent. My kids deserve another passport. The trials and tribulations of having a weak passport build character. I’ve had to explain to my agencies, my manager- everyone, that I actually need visas to go to places and they tell me ‘oh, you can grab it like a week before, you can grab it at the airport’ The privilege is showing! The money and opportunities I’ve missed, it hurts inside, it hurts so much. At the end of the day, it’s not my country’s fault and I cannot blame them and I do love having my passport, it’s the world that is the problem. It all boils down to race,” Majimbo captioned and said on her TikTok post.

Thousands of her followers reacted to her TikTok as sampled below:

“I just learned about this concept recently. And you are right. It boils down to racism and the maintenance of classism,” said Sold by Shron.

“Jamaica is the same way. Can’t even live with my husband because of how limited it is,” added Brianna Maisie.

“Exactly, cause why do we need visas to go to their countries and they can come to ours like it’s a supermarket,” opined Daddy Long Legz.

“I wouldn’t call it racism. It’s all about your country’s power and what not. It’s not as simple as black and white. I have a weak passport too by the way,” added Its me Kn6.

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