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Why Harmonize regrets ‘investing’ in ex-Frida Kajala

Tanzanian artiste Harmonize has expressed regret over the substantial time and money he invested in his relationship with Frida Kajala.

The singer, who has been displaying signs of remorse since their breakup at the end of last year, took to his Instagram stories to share his sentiments.

In a lengthy paragraph, Harmonize hinted at forthcoming revelations about their relationship.

“Talking about love, I have experienced many romantic cases and tragedies in 2023, whether you are familiar with them or not.”

The artist went on to express his regrets, acknowledging that he had invested a significant amount of time and money into the relationship.

“If I had given the time and money I invested in relationships to a Tanzanian woman, we would undoubtedly have had a better Tanzanian entrepreneur.”

Harmonize further argued that if he had redirected the financial resources he spent on seducing Kajala, he might have expected better results by now.

“Or I would have invested in something else with value. But I believed in my happiness because my peace of mind always comes first,” he explained.

“I want to be happy, continue to serve my fans with good music, and also have time to focus on improving my health. That’s why anything that involves the peace of my heart receives a high priority.”

Harmonize is known to have, among other things, bought a costly car for Fridah Kajala at the time the two were an item. The gift brought about a public spat when the two broke up.

On the other hand, Kajala has hinted at being off the market for the second time.

Rumors have circulated suggesting that a Kenyan politician, her mysterious lover, proposed to her just months after her split from Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul, better known as Harmonize.

She shared a photo of a sparkling ring on her left hand, alluding to her newfound happiness. The mother of one humorously remarked

“My hand feels heavier today… I wonder why. Taken and happy.”

Kajala has been subtly sharing glimpses of her newfound happiness with her fans on Instagram stories. She’s posted sentiments such as, “I got the man I want, I’m happy.”

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