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Why I left Kenya! Slain Monica Kimani’s dad speaks out

The late Monica Kimani’s story is about determination, hard work, and success.

Despite facing challenges, she rose to become an entrepreneur and go-getter, positively impacting those around her.

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Her father, Bishop Paul Gharama, recently spoke about her journey in an interview with Mkenya Marekani, revealing how Monica came to South Sudan when she was just 19 years old.

Thanks to his networking skills and company, he secured her an internship opportunity at the Kenyan embassy in South Sudan.

“Monica was pursuing International Relations in Kenya Polytechnic now Technical University in Kenya,” he says.

Monica’s exceptional work at the embassy impressed her employer so much that they promised to employ her once she secured her degree.

Her name grew as she interacted with government officials and people in the corporate world, earning her father’s company lots of tenders.

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Despite the success, rumors about her personal life circulated on social media, tarnishing her name and reputation. Her father even received threats, forcing him to leave Kenya.

“I was being followed by cars with some people telling me to give them Sh10 million. That is when I left for America. The story out there was Monica the billionaire.”

She added, “He (Monica’s boyfriend) was in Dubai and had bought two houses. She was to travel,” he says dispelling rumours that her daughter was dating an old general.

He added that she had a South-Sudanese boyfriend with whom they planned settling down.

Bishop Gharama clarified that Monica was not involved in money laundering saying, “Monica came through the airport without any hiccup.”

Tragically, Monica was found dead in her Lamuria Gardens apartment in 2018, leaving behind a legacy of hard work, determination, and success.

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