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Why Kisii governor Simba Arati has sacked two mortuary attendants

Kisii governor Simba Arati has sacked two morgue attendants who are reported to have received bribes in order to offer services that are available for free at the facility.

The outspoken governor accused the two employees of ‘receiving money from the dead’ so as to clean and prepare the bodies.

“Can you imagine these two employees that I just sent home, have been receiving the money to clean bodies, and yet we pay them? They are getting money from the dead. Who does that? What kind of corruption is this?” he posed.

The county boss also hinted that he moved to fire the morgue attendants after an outcry from the public.

The governor further boasted that he had hired the services of some of the best morgue attendants in the country to replace the two.

He also accused the sacked employees of accommodating more than 200 bodies in a morgue that can handle only 72.

This is not the first time Arati, who previously served as a member of parliament in Dagorreti, Nairobi, is putting county workers to the task.

In a bid to clean up what he claimed was a bloated workforce, Arati once famously ordered all county cars to be lined up across the Gusii stadium with each of the drivers standing next to the car he drives.

He also ordered an audit of the human resource at the county whose report found that of the 5,600 workforces, 1314 are ghost workers who failed to turn up for the two-month headcount.

The audit also discovered that the county’s payroll shot up by about Sh600 million.

In another incident, Arati allocated Shh10 million from the county’s supplementary budget to verify the academic certificates of all county employees in a bid to weed out the ghost workers.

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