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Why Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza closed county assembly Whatsapp group

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza says she was forced to remove all the county’s Members of the County Assembly (MCA’s) from a Whatsapp group she had created.

In an address to the media on Monday, Ms Mwangaza said: “Some people are saying, oh you removed us from the WhatsApp group. I’m the one who created the group. How do you stay in the same group and you are not in unison? You cannot. If you see a group is not working as planned and you are not moving together, then you leave. And leaving is not a crime to take someone to the Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC),.”

Adding: “You cannot take someone to EACC because they have left or removed you (from a Whatsapp group. That group was informally created and it ended informally. There is no governing law.”

A Whatsapp group is a social media platform that allows messaging between several people who have been invited at the same time.

Last week, ward representatives walked out of the governor’s inaugural address to the House in protest of her leadership style.

She did not take the humiliation lightly and claimed that she would be heading to the ‘wilderness for 40 days’ to pray over the demons that had bestowed on the MCAs.

“I will fast and pray so the demons that made them hurl insults and throw stones leave them,” she said.

She pointed an accusing finger at Speaker Ayub Bundi for reportedly fanning the conflict between her and the MCAs,  saying she had met up with the speaker more than 10 times and also met the House leadership to discuss the concerns raised by the ward representatives.

“I had planned to address the issues raised about ward funds and bursaries in the assembly but the MCAs walked out on me,” she said.

Adding, “The Speaker should be a neutral arbiter. It is a big shame, he should stop misleading the MCAs.”

At the heart of it all, Ms Mwangaza who is barely two months in office has been asked by EACC Chief Executive Twalib Mbarak to respond to accusations of irregular recruitment, conflict of interest, failure to protect public resources, and nepotism.

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