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Why motorists in Uganda will be required to have dustbins in cars

Motorists in Uganda will now be required to have dustbins in their cars.

The move is aimed at curbing littering by motorists which have become a menace in the country.

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Those found guilty will pay a fine of Sh383,944 (about 11 million Ugandan shillings).

“Starting 1st April 2023, the Police will begin enforcing a new directive requiring all vehicles to have a dustbin. Non-compliance may lead to a hefty UGX 11 million fine upon conviction,” NTV Uganda tweeted.

The law was introduced by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) to help prevent environmental degradation.

Ugandan Nema Executive Director, Mr Barirega  Akankwasa, in a press briefing last month said throwing out rubbish from your car will also attract a similar punishment.

Other additional punitive measures that Nema announced include leaving rubbish outside residential premises and littering from commercial buildings which will also attract the same fine.

“The National Environment Management Authority hereby informs the general public that this will be effected from April 1. We shall, in addition to the existing criminal prosecution measure, commence an administrative penalty scheme for environment breaches in line with section 174 of the National Environment Act, No.5 of 2019,” the Nema statement read in part.

Under the express penalty scheme, the offenders will be required to pay a fine within the prescribed time and in a specific bank account. The notice will specify the date and nature of the alleged contravention, a summary of the facts that Nema or the authorized officer alleges and the amount to be paid.

Nema noted that failure to conduct an Environment and Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environment Risk Assessment (ERA) for projects that require such assessment, will attract a fine, not exceeding Sh34,000,000 (1billion Ugandan shilling) for individuals or 15 years in prison or both, and Shs6b for cooperate bodies.