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Why Pauline Njoroge’s driver collapsed in court

Jubilee Party’s Deputy Organizing Secretary, Pauline Njoroge- also a renowned blogger allied to the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance- was produced in a Malindi court yesterday afternoon after days of being in police custody after her dramatic arrest on July 22, 2023.

She was arrested with Jane Mwangi Nduta and their driver, Emanzi Jilani.

Law enforcement authorities initially reported that they had trailed Ms Njoroge to Watamu in Kilifi County where narcotics were found in the car she was being driven in as well as their hotel room.

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They spent the week in police custody without access to lawyers and their families. It took a court order for the police to produce them in court after they cited orders from above insisted the three remain in custody.

However, upon presentation to the Malindi Court, the charge sheet had different crimes attributed to Ms Njoroge.

She was charged with misuse of computer and cybercrimes for posting antigovernmental sentiments and comments the Director of Public Prosecution believed were meant to tarnish the image of President William Ruto, a symbol of national unity.

Prior to taking the stand in the docks, the three sat in the courtroom awaiting their turn. Mr Jilani sat next to the female police officer guarding them, and Ms Nduta and Ms Njoroge to his other side.

In a video seen by Nairobi News, a relative of Mr Jilani could be seen walking up to him to supposedly offer him words of courage and comfort for the trouble he had found himself in.

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As his comforter hugged him and offered her shawl to wipe his tears away, Mr Jilani appeared to begin hyperventilating and rocking back and forth on the bench while he rubbed tears away from his face.

Ms Nduta noticed his discomfort and attempted to alert Ms Njoroge who was talking to an acquaintance of hers. Suddenly, Mr Jilani was sprawled to the floor, causing a commotion in the courtroom.

Several people, including the officer, rushed to the face-down Jilani and helped him onto his side before getting him on his back.

In the viral video by Mutembei TV, one person could be seen struggling to remove his jacket while another began fanning him to provide him with oxygen.

Another person unbuttoned his shirt as they worked to get him to remain conscious. Once he fully recovered, they sat back on the bench and followed court proceedings.

Eventually, the trio was released on free bond after their lawyers noted they were arrested for one thing and charged with another. They also claimed that the intended charges on the charge sheet were “ridiculous and not anchored in law.”

The prosecution dropped their case against the three, and it is believed that Mr Jilani collapsed due to this outcome.

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