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Why polygamy is attractive to ‘most’ men

The notion that it is hard for a man to have one woman is subjective and can vary from person to person.

It is important to avoid generalizations and recognize that individual experiences and circumstances differ significantly.

It’s also important to note that the notion is not exclusive to men, and they can apply to individuals of any gender.

Some men have also successfully maintained a healthy and committed relationship with one woman.

By building a strong foundation of trust, open communication, mutual respect, and shared values can contribute to a fulfilling and lasting monogamous partnership.

Polygamy is not uncommon among Kenyan celebrities, as several notable figures have openly embraced the practice, highlighting their multiple wives and celebrating the dynamics of their polygamous relationships.

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Francis Atwoli, the Secretary-General of Cotu (Central Organization of Trade Unions), is known for having three wives.

His first wife is Jennifer Khainz, followed by Roselinda Simiyu as his second wife. Atwoli is also married to journalist Mary Kilobi, who is his third wife.

Renowned actor Omosh, known for his role in the TV series Tahidi High, has also embraced polygamy.

Despite facing financial challenges, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, Omosh has two wives.

Judy Wacuka, popularly known as Mrs Ngatia, and Shanty Mumbi.

Another well-known figure, Samidoh, though not publicly declaring himself as being in a polygamous marriage, has raised speculation among his fans.

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Samidoh has three children with his wife Edday Nderitu plus two more children with Senator Karen Nyamu, leading many to believe that he may be heading towards a polygamous relationship.

Muigai Wa Njoroge, a prominent figure in the music industry, has openly declared himself as a polygamist.

On Valentine’s Day, Muigai celebrated his two wives, referring to them as his girls.

He expressed gratitude for their happiness and patience with him, emphasizing that they share a loving bond and harbor no jealousy towards each other. Muigai considers the rare unity between his wives a blessing from God.

Here are some factors that some individuals may find challenging in maintaining a monogamous relationship

  1. Temptations and societal pressures – In today’s world, individuals are often exposed to various temptations and societal pressures that can strain a monogamous relationship. Factors such as increased opportunities for casual encounters, societal emphasis on multiple partners, and the portrayal of infidelity in media can influence some individuals to consider alternatives to monogamy.
  2. Personal insecurities or dissatisfaction – Some men may struggle with personal insecurities or feelings of dissatisfaction within a monogamous relationship. These feelings could stem from a lack of fulfillment in the relationship, issues with self-esteem, or a fear of missing out on other potential opportunities.
  3. Cultural or social influences – Cultural or social factors can also contribute to the perception that it is challenging for a man to have one woman. Societies that place a high value on masculinity, sexual conquest, or the idea of having multiple partners may create an environment that makes monogamy more difficult for some individuals.
  4. Communication and relationship skills – Maintaining a successful monogamous relationship requires effective communication, emotional intelligence, and relationship skills. Some men may struggle with these aspects, which can lead to difficulties in building and sustaining a strong and fulfilling connection with one partner.
  5. Unrealistic expectations or compatibility issues – Unrealistic expectations about relationships or compatibility issues between partners can make it challenging to maintain a long-term monogamous commitment. Misaligned values, differing life goals, or incompatible personalities may create tensions that strain the relationship.

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