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Why some married men hide in their cars late into the night before sneaking home

By Winnie Mabel February 10th, 2023 2 min read

Have you ever wondered why some married men behaved as if they were forced into marriage? Ever wondered also why some of these men choose to hide out in their vehicles until late in the night before sneaking into their houses?

Well, these queer habits have now been demystified by Kenyans on Twitter.

The conversation began with one tweep who sought answers to these questions.

“Why do men marry then act like they were forced? Unakaa kwa gari mpaka 11:30pm ndio uingie kwa nyumba just to avoid engaging with your wife? Ulimuoa wa nini? Divorce ukuwe bachelor nkt! (You sit in the car until 11:30pm and then enter the house just to avoid engaging with your wife? Why did you marry her? Divorce her and become a bachelor!),” the tweep by the name Njambi ranted.

Her tweet attracted a barrage of responses as sampled by Nairobi News below:

“It’s called alone time,” said Tom Adwar to which Njambi responded by saying, “Tom, really? Alone time till 11:30pm na umeshinda nje (and you’ve been outside) all day?”

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“Sasa unatupigia kelele? (Now why are you quarrelling us?),” asked Morogo Omar.

“My neighbor has been doing this for a while now, he has 2kids under 10. Siku hizi imezidi (these days it has become too much) he can be at the parking from about 2pm to 5/6pm juzi we learnt that they have a newborn, now it makes sense,” added Hildah Ramba.

“Sometimes it’s good to have an extra room as a man,” opined Nyamwange Ombuna.

It’s not on men alone….my neighbor, a woman, get home at around 6pm and she stays inside her car until around 8pm ndio aingie kwa nyumba (before she can enter the house)…like everyday hehe. It’s worrying,” added Winny.

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“Most men marry noisy loud speakers, parrots, and disrespectful geniuses who camouflage as angels during dating. Imagine a Tecno kabambe, full volume ringing over your ears. Understand this: for a man, peace is priceless,” John Kevin added.

“Ukimuoa hakua amemake (When you married her, she hadn’t made) your only safe space kua hell… feelings do change we understand but if you are constantly nagging even if I’m the one who’s wrong it doesn’t change the fact that that’s a filthy environment for me,” said Kid Willy.

“There is nothing bad to it, it’s just is. Men have a quiet box where they just don’t do anything. The more you try to get him out of his box the more rough your relationship will be. Women will never understand this,” Eric Lesh added.

Hehehe I can only laugh at this tweet because I see on a regular how my married friends are being shown dust,” laughed DJ Extreme.

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