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Why younger women fear visiting a gynecologist

Due to the prevalence of sexual assault cases involving children, parents take extra measures to instill values in their children.

However, many children, especially girls, are taught by their parents to keep their sexuality pure.

These notions tend to stick with most young women, especially those who haven’t given birth.

For many, the concept of a doctor conducting an examination of their intimate areas feels uncomfortable.

“I can distinctly recall when I was in my form four and doctors visited our school for breast and cervical cancer screenings. I was so afraid, especially after hearing from the girls who had gone in before about the procedure. Honestly, I couldn’t master the courage to go through with it,” a young lady expressed.

“The mere thought of someone scrutinizing my private area for an extended period while I lay on that table doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps I’ll find bravery once I become a mother, but currently, it sounds dreadful,” she adds.

On the other hand, another lady whose identity is also disclosed for security purposes said, “there was a time my mom convinced both my sister and me to undergo screening. I was genuinely inclined to do it until my sister, who went first, recounted her ordeal. After that, I lost all my courage, and having an older male gynecologist made it even worse. Maybe if it were a female doctor, I would have considered it.”

“Just the notion of an older man examining my private part and performing invasive procedures was overwhelming, and I couldn’t bring myself to go through with it.”

The unsettling tales surrounding visits to the gynecologist have exacerbated the fear.

Many recall the infamous case of quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu, who drugged and sexually assaulted his patients.

These stories have left a lasting impact on many. While medical screening holds importance, numerous women view it as an ordeal to be avoided at all costs preferring to wait.

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