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Your lives will become zero! Pastor warns men against losing their wives of their youth

Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro, a pastor in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, read men the riot act when it came to keeping the wives of their youth by their side.

In preaching seen by Nairobi News on January 12, 2023, Pastor Mokoro told the men in her congregation and her wider audience that if they dared to leave the wives of their youth, or their wives divorced them, they would lead zero lives- back at square, a position which she called a state of deficiency and incompleteness.

“That is why God is so keen on how men treat the wives of their youth. The day you decide to divorce her, I tell you I have seen men that have remarried several times and dropped (their wives) until where they now have no family. I talk to men and tell them to make sure their wives do not go away because the day she walks out on you, you are back to zero. There is no marriage that will work after her. None. That is why the Bible says he who findeth a good wife, findeth a good thing,” began Pastor Mokoro.

She went on to preach of an intertribal marital union in which the man mistreated his wife and she decided to stay and persevere; and when the man realized the woman had decided to stay, he asked for a divorce and she decided to grant him the divorce. The man went on to marry 8 women and none of them exist because he buried some and others left. His ex-wife and their four children are thriving in the United States of America.

“Back to deficiency. And I speak to my women and tell them ‘these are people you should have mercy on because when you look at him if you leave him, he will die’. I sought to study the word helper because I’ve heard many pastors preach helper and I decided to study it in Hebrew when I met a couple that was going through a tough time. The husband approached me and said ‘pastor, I don’t want to end my marriage now but talk to my wife. Let me just tell you what I go through in the house’…” added Pastor Mokoro.

The man complained of his wife not doing the house laundry, not getting along with his siblings, washing her relative’s clothes when they visit, and not being catered to in his home. The wife defended herself saying that on their wedding day, the pastor had preached that a woman is a helper and everything is done by the man- a woman just comes to help.

“I went back to my Hebrew Bible and looked up the word helper. The only person that shares that word is God when they say ‘the Lord is my help and my shield’. Friends, we are talking about a power that is only found with God that exists in a woman only. It means without God, you cease to exist.

And that is why, friends, when people begin saying ‘why can’t she just leave, what is she doing there, doesn’t she have somewhere else to go?’ I tell people, it’s not that we can’t speak when we go through tough times in marriage as women, it’s not that we have no place to go- there are many places to go- there are even rich men who could want a woman with all her 10 children! Then you sit and ask yourself ‘between a man and a woman, who is stronger?’

Women have always been labeled the weaker gender. Let me tell you, there is power in a woman that only God possesses and He had to cloth it with a weak person for you to be able to stay with her otherwise she will overpower you. Tell me of the great men who have gone down, who has taken them down? Women. There is an influence we have, and women have not understood this power to be able to use it on their men. You can use it for good or for destruction. Men can conquer cities but the only person that can conquer man is a woman,” added Pastor Mokoro.

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