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Zari forced to explain herself after calling her husband ‘Fala’

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has been forced to defend herself for allegedly belittling her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, in a leaked audio recording.

In the audio Zari is heard referring to her husband in derogatory terms such as “young,” “naïve,” and even ‘fala’ (loosely translated to “stupid”).

In response to the leaked audio, Zari has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the recording’s release.

She has specifically called out a UK promoter, Lady Naa, for breaching her trust by leaking the audio, which was initially shared in confidence.

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Zari has clarified that she used the term ‘fala’ sarcastically and not to demean her husband.

She had expressed disappointment in the fact that women often resort to publicizing private conversations during disagreements.

“I was just looking out for my husband, telling a friend or a person that I thought was a friend… And it’s always females who (do that) and she makes it look like this is the first event that I’ve done,” Zari said.

“She decided to use that voice not at the wrong timing where it was going to look bad… we were chatting, we were vibing, it wasn’t in bad faith that I was talking about my husband,” she explained.

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Zari has also spoken about the challenges of dealing with immigration, regardless of one’s intelligence or travel experience, and the importance of adhering to immigration regulations, as even a minor mistake can result in deportation.

“It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how many countries you go, immigration will still be immigration. You could get to an airport and you just start. You get sent back to where you are coming from. Everyone who travels knows, you don’t joke with immigration no matter who you are. With one slight stuttering, you get sent back,” Zari said.

The leaked audio has ignited a heated debate among netizens, with opinions divided regarding Zari’s remarks and their implications.

Shakib had responded to the leaked audio by saying: “Love will have you looking stupid. But pride could have you miss out on something you’ll never find again! Don’t talk bad about your husband to anyone ever… Respect me in my absence. That’s all I ask.”

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