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Zari Hassan’s hubby Shakib responds after she ‘belittles’ him in leaked audio

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan’s much hyped All-White Party in the United Kingdom seems to have encountered a multitude of issues, with a leaked audio recording of the socialite adding fuel to the fire.

In the audio, Zari is heard speaking to an unidentified person, describing her husband, Shakib Lutaaya, as a young and inexperienced traveler, lacking knowledge of international flights.

Zari candidly refers to her husband as a fala (naïve), while expressing her disappointment and faulting the unnamed person for failing to brief him adequately prior to the flight.

“Fala yake ndio napendea,” she is heard describing her hubby.

“Why didn’t you give him a briefing? He has never… the only international trip he has ever made was to Dubai, and even in Dubai, they are not so strict at the airport. But in the UK, even if you have everything, you know they ask questions. So you need to give him a briefing,” Zari is heard saying in the audio.

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The issues seem to stem from invitation letters and accommodation arrangements. Zari also mentions her husband’s lack of confidence a tendency to panic when faced with inquiries from airport officials.

“He gets very panicky. He is not very secure when it comes to approaching the counter, where they start asking questions and he begins to wonder. He panics. He lacks confidence in himself. They will start asking him things, and he will start saying…” Zari is heard saying.

Responding to Zari’s post Shakib said: “Love will have you looking stupid. But pride could have you miss out on something you’ll never find again!”

Following her no show at the All-White Party, Zari has since apologized to her disappointed fans while clearly shifting the blame on her promoter Lady Naa. The event was scheduled to take place on Saturday at the King Of Clubs, 73 Hill Street.

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While Zari claimed the promoter didn’t meet certain contractual agreements, Lady Naa responded by saying Zari had requested her assistance in obtaining visas for both herself and her hubby Shakib, whom the promoter said had no business attending the event.

“We decided to do business with her this year, so I organized her visa and she asked me to organize Shakib’s as well. She said when we do the White Party, I will deduct the money that I used to get Shakib’s visa. I don’t need Shakib; he’s not the star, he’s nothing to me. I can’t pay for Shakib,” Lady Naa said.

Lady Naa further expressed her disappointment and referred to Zari as “fake.”

“I accepted because I had love for Zari. She is fake,” Lady Naa said.

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