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8 ways to mastering text formatting on WhatsApp

WhatsApp isn’t just for sending plain text messages – it allows you to add flair and emphasis through various text formatting options.

Whether you want to make a point or add a touch of style, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bold, italicize, create lists, use bullet points, quote text, and more on WhatsApp.

1. Bold Text: To make your text bold, simply place an asterisk (*) before and after the words or phrase you want to emphasise.

2. Italicize Text: For italicized text, use underscores (_) before and after the words or phrase you want to highlight.

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3. Strikethrough Text: To strike through your text, place tilde (~) before and after the words or phrase.

4. Monospace Text: To use a monospace or fixed-width font, place three backticks (“`) before and after your text.

5. Create Lists: To create a numbered list, simply start a line with a number followed by a period. For example:
1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3

6. To create a bulleted list, start a line with an asterisk (*), hyphen (-), or plus sign (+). For example:

* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2
* Bullet 3

7. Quote Text: To quote text, use the greater-than symbol (>) before the text.

8. Combine Formatting: You can combine formatting styles for more emphasis. For example:

*Bold* and _Italicized_ Text

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9. Emphasize with Emoji: Enhance your messages by placing an emoji between underscores or asterisks for added emphasis.

*This text includes an _emoji_* 😊

Now that you’ve mastered these text formatting tricks on WhatsApp, add a creative touch to your messages.

Experiment with combinations and discover how these formatting options can enhance your communication on this widely used messaging platform.