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Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira: Why we need a small house

As they begin to work on their retirement celebrity couple Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira have said they are not planning to have more kids.

The scriptwriter-cum-actor and his wife, who also manages him, recently revealed that they have bought a parcel of land where they intend to build their retirement home.

“We haven’t yet started building our house because we just bought the land but it’s something in our plans. It’s not our priority at the moment, business is. However, like I said, it’s something that we already have plans for,” Nyawira said.

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According to Nyawira, unlike most of their peers in the industry who have built themselves palatial homes, there’s will be a classy modest structure just enough to house the two of them and a probably househelp as they don’t harbour any intentions of having another child.

“We don’t allow pressure in our lives, we live according to our means. We don’t compete with what everyone is doing. So when the time comes to build our house, it will be a very small house,” she said.

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“Because our family isn’t going to get bigger than it already is, that’s Abel, myself, Mumbus (their daughter) and Florence (househelp). Mumbus is now 13 years old and sooner than later she will leave us to find her own path. Why would we want to build a bigger house? What for?,” she posed.

Nyawira also said she has picked vital lessons from her mother who was forced to demolish her mega house and built a smaller one after her all kids left home.

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