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Akothee: A woman of many titles

Most people probably know musician Esther Akoth by her stage names Akothee or Madam Boss.

But did you know that she can also be referred to by other multiple titles?

Well, depending on what she does, Akothee wants to be referred by her titles which she has acquired over the years.

Some of the titles include president of single mothers, philanthropist, private developer, and role model among others.

According to the musician, she can also be referred to as Ms Schwizer.

She acquired this name from her newlywed husband Denis Schweizer alias Omosh.

“Be proud of your husbands. You should also protest them from other women who are out to snatch men from other women,” Akothee said.

She added that she can also be referred to as an entrepreneur.

The musician earned this title because of the business she does.

Akothee runs a travel and tours companies known as Akothee Safaris which she decried as being number one.

It deals with local and international flight and hotel bookings as well as game drives.

“I have a company that deals with tourism. You can as well call me a tourist because of the travels,” Akothee said.

The musician is also as a real estate developer owing to the number of properties she owns.

She said she is the founder and Chief Executive of Akothee properties which deals in buying, selling, and developing land.

Akothee is also the founder and CEC of Akotela, a marketing agency.

She said she is also an employee of the company which enables her to be a brand ambassador for different products.

This enables her to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

“For any company to realize sales, marketing must be done and that is where I come in,” Akothee said.

Currently, the musician is the brand ambassador for Chandaria industries.

She has in the past also served as a brand ambassador for flight company Silver Stone, Techno mobile among other companies.

“I build brands from unknown to premium brands,” Akothee said.

Akothee is also a philanthropist and owns a foundation named after her.

She said Akothee foundation believes in making every family has access to basic needs by providing access to education and food.

“We have a bursary fund which we use to support children from vulnerable families acquire education. We also provide sanitary towels to girls,” Akothee said.

The musician added that her foundation has a feeding programme for famies suffering from HIV in Turkana.

“We have plans to build an academy that will offer free education to 200 students from vulnerable families,” Akothee said.

Soon her fans will have an opportunity to read about the musician as she writes a book about her life.

She said she believes in documenting her life.

“I collect all life lessons and put them in a book called Akothee quotes. This makes make me an author,” she said.

Akothee also says she is a role model.

She said this is based on the education she has provided for her five children which includes three girls.

According to her, her daughters are pursuing masters degrees in different fields.

“I have raised my three children without the privilege of my partner. I know what it takes to be a single mother and never deny your children the opportunity of being brought up by both parents,” she said.

Akothee added” I am being mistaken for misleading women into leaving their husbands. I only do one man at a time.”

She added that she is a farmer based on the agricultural activities she does at her home in Rongo.

At home, she said she only consumes what she produces.

That includes vegetables.

“I am ashamed of women who do not own chicken at home or go to the market to buy vegetables when they have land that they can use for farming,” Akothee said.

She told married women not to engage in what she described as “ugly” divorce.

This, she said makes her an advocate of families values.

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