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Alfred Mutua credits Ruto’s win to news anchors Yvonne Okwara and Eric Latiff

Alfred Mutua, the former governor of Machakos County, has credited Dr William Ruto’s presidential victory in the August 9 General Election to two Kenyan primetime news anchors.

Through his social media handles, Dr Mutua has said he personally wants to thank Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara and KTN’s Eric Latiff for Dr Ruto’s victory.

“The tough questions you asked William Ruto enabled him to explain himself and destroy the lies people had told about him. The grilling showed that Ruto is up to the task and has a plan. I owe you guys a drink,” Mutua said.

Dr Mutua was alluding to the Presidential debate of July 26, 2022 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa that was televised across all media stations and was moderated by the aforementioned anchors.

The debate was held in two tiers with Agano Party’s Waihiga Mwaure and Roots Party’s George Wajackoyah slated in the first tier debate and Dr Ruto and Azimio la Umoja’s Raila Odinga in the second tier.

However, Prof Wajackoyah and Mr Odinga did not show up for the debate. Mr Odinga’s campaign team issued a statement saying he would not share a podium with the Deputy President because, “he is a man with little regards for ethics, public morals or shame.”

Mr Odinga’s team also wanted the debate to focus on corruption and integrity issues of which DP Ruto has on several times been implicated in.

“These issues sit at the core of the Azimio campaign. Any debate devoid of these questions will be an insult to the intelligence of Kenyans. That is why we do not intend to share a national podium with a person who lacks decency. As is well known, our opponent traversed the country hurling epithets at us and other key national leaders, including vile, sexists attack,” Mr Odinga’s Spokesperson, Makau Mutua, said at the time.

Subsequently, Mr Odinga snubbed the debate and Dr Ruto found himself alone at the debate where he was subjected to tough questions from Ms Okwara and Mr Latiff. Dr Ruto’s supporters later accused the duo of being on Azimio’s payroll.

Dr Mutua was one of the late entrants into the United Democratic Alliance with his Maendeleo Chap Chap party and has been one of the most vocal leaders supporters of Dr Ruto.