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Amber Ray: Why all women should get pregnant for wealthy men

In her latest Instagram post socialite Amber Ray told her female followers to get pregnant for wealthy men.

The heavily-pregnant Amber further explained that there are lots of benefits that come with conceiving a rich man’s baby.

The socialite is expecting her second child with businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

“I know you cannot admit but I know you can all agree with me that getting a baby with a rich man is an advantage. If you do not have money, please look for someone who has more money so that the earthly things don’t bypass you,” Amber wrote.

However, her post did not sit well with some of her fans.

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One of her followers asked her to stop encouraging women to follow money and get pregnant with only men that have money.

According to the follower, money not the main factor a woman should look for in a man.

“Never look to be with a man because of money. Look for God because the favor of God can put you into places you are not qualified to be. Matthew 6:33 seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else shall be added into thee,” the fan wrote.

But Amber Ray responded by saying she is not any one’s role model, adding that a rich man is also a favour and blessing from God.

“There is no reward in suffering,” Amber said.

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This is not the first time the socialite has bragged about her man’s wealth.

Last month, after fueling breakup rumors, she explained that she is still enjoying her baby daddies’ money.

In a previous Instagram post, the socialite took a swipe at her critics who claimed that she will go broke since her relationship with Rapudo had come to an end.

“Wale wa oh ‘umeachwa sasa utateseka’ niliwacha baba sio pesa zake, baby girl treatment lazima iendelee… mimba will always remain ya Tajiri,” she said.

Rapudo and Amber ‘ended’ their relationship last month, with the socialite announcing on social media that she is now single.

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