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Anerlisa Muigai’s advise on women searching for love

Kenyan businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has weighed in on an intriguing viral video featuring Nigerian women fervently praying for spouses while donning wedding gowns.

Anerlisa shared her thoughts on the matter through her Instagram stories, calling the spectacle ‘cringe’ and offering her perspective on love and relationships.

The video in question showcased Nigerian women in a church, bedecked in wedding attire, complete with full hair and makeup, and clutching bouquets of flowers.

Their fervent prayers were an attempt to manifest their dream of marriage, a sight that caught the attention of the Kenyan entrepreneur.

Anerlisa Muigai, who was once married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol before their separation, expressed her opinion on the matter. She alluded to the idea that such personal and intimate moments, like prayer for a spouse, should be kept private.

“This is so cringe. It’s never that serious. Pray privately or without recording, we shouldn’t have to know,” she remarked, suggesting that the pursuit of love should not be a spectacle for public consumption.

Ben Pol, in a previous interview, shared insights into their relationship, speaking of their dating journey, which began in 2018, and the challenges they faced in their marriage. The singer revealed that he felt their marriage was more about fulfilling a checklist than experiencing the true essence of married life. “It’s like she wanted to tick off her marriage from a list,” he disclosed.

He also emphasized his dedication to the relationship, describing it as his first serious one. Despite their parting, he clarified that they still maintain communication and aren’t enemies.

Anerlisa, in response to the interview, accused Ben Pol of exploiting her silence and making her appear unfavorable in the media. She challenged him to respect her privacy and cease discussing their past relationship in interviews. “Ben, I think you’ve gotten used to taking my silence for granted. Why are you always making me look bad, yet undercover, you send me messages different from what you talk?” she questioned.

Furthermore, Anerlisa called upon him to desist from discussing her altogether, asserting, “If you are truly a real man, I dare you to screenshot what you have been sending me from 25th December to 4th Jan 2023.” Despite having much to say and show about their relationship, she chose to adopt a dignified approach, concluding with a straightforward plea: “It’s simple, stop talking about me!!”

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