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Asap Royco: 10 hilarious KOT reactions after man mimics Asap Rocky

You could probably consider him the broke version of American superstar Asap Rocky, alias Rihanna’s baby daddy.

A young Kenyan man by the name Jesse Wakaba is going viral on social media for almost resembling Asap Rocky and has been mercilessly nicknamed Asap Royco for copying Asap Rocky’s speech and mannerisms as well as an interview he did back then.

In the original interview, Asap Rocky was asked what was the most amount of money he had ever spent on a woman and he said “I could honestly say that, I haven’t spent a bad on a b***h in my life.”

Asap Rocky also told his interviewer that he is handsome. Fast forward to this Kenyan dude doing a staged street interview, he appeared dressed in a style Asap Rocky would have worn- although more stylish- and the same cornrows hairstyle Asap Rocky loves.

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Asap Royco responded to the same questions Asap Rocky was asked but he veered off topic at the end, making a list of demands on what he wanted from women who wanted to be with him. This is what made him trend.

“I barely spend money on b***s. I’ve used Sh 2,000. That’s the most amount of money I’ve used. And if you want to slander me, it’s okay. I really don’t care. I’m just pretty. It’s different for me. I’m the prize. Get me flowers also. I want them to hear. If you’re going to hit, buy me flowers. I’m handsome and also I’ll buy you flowers. Of course I’ll take you out once in a while to show you that you are a queen and all. But also, I’m a king. I’m cut different. Like how many pretty people like me do you see? I’m pretty fly,” said Asap Royco.

And this is where Kenyans on Twitter, as expected, descended on him:

“Asap Kokoto out here representing sassy ni**as,” said Latecome Amechelewa.

“Asap on a budget that one…ni**a spitting sh*t about spending 2k max yet ako na lines za 50 bob kwa kichwa,” said Miss Tee.

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“Asap Royco the type of ni**a anataka kushikwa paja na dem akiwa (who wants his thighs touched by a girl while he seats in the) passenger’s seat,” dissed Amani Wega.

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