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Babu Owino: Why I bought DJ Evolve a Sh17 million house

Embakassi East MP Babu Owino has told a court he’s spent over Sh58million in medical and upkeep of a DJ Evolve, born Felix Orinda, who was injured at an entertainment joint in Nairobi in 2015.

Owino who was defending himself in a case of going to a public place with a firearm, told Milimani senior principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi he opted to assist DJ Evolve on humanitarian grounds.

The lawmaker told court he has paid Sh23million to Nairobi Hospital where the disc jockey has been receiving medication.

He also told the magistrate that he has bought DJ Evolve a residential house valued at Sh17m.

Led in his sworn defence by lawyer Duncan Okatch, the second term MP said he footed bills for physiotherapists, two nurses and occupational therapy totaling to Sh11.1million.

The lawmaker said on medication the MP has bought medicine and other accessories for Sh5.5m.

Babu Owino added that he plans to airlift him to India for specialized treatment besides putting up a DJ Academy for him.

“I have been a longtime friend of DJ Evolve and I am committed to assist him until he recuperates fully,” Owino told Ochoi as he produced an agreement to assist the DJ.

The MP said he was at the club when he saw DJ Evolve fall.

“I rushed to assist him as a leader since l could not scammer like others,” Owino testified.

He said when he was growing up at Nyalenda slums in the outskirts of Kisumu City he covenanted with God that when he will be a person of means he will assist the needy.

Owino denied that he misused his firearm saying he had no gun when he went into the club despite being a licensed firearms owner.

He said it had been kept in the armory in the club.

He said that that from ballistic report presented to court no evidence was adduced by the prosecution to show that the bullet that pierced through DJ Evolve was from his gun.

He further testified that his gun had three days ago jammed when he went to the shooting range at Ngong and he had planned to take it for service but due to commitments he did not.

He told the court that from ten prosecution witnesses who testified none of them pointed an accusing finger to the effect that he was involved in the shooting.

The court heard that the Prosecution did not even bring the results of the DNA tests taken at the government chemist to justify their case.

He said that none of the doctors from government chemist who carried out toxicology examinations were called to come and testify.

The legislator said the charges brought against him touching on being disorderly and holding a gun at the club were not justified.

He pointed out that even the video that was produced in court did not show him behaving disorderly or hold a gun as claimed.

He further told the court the Directoratre of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had recommended to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DPP) to withdraw the criminal case against him.

He informed the court that he will be calling five witnesses who will support his evidence.

The matter was adjourned to June 22, 2023, when DJ Evolve will testify since he has fully regained his voice.

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