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Beer thieves storm night club, hack two to death

An attempt by a gang of 10 machete-armed youths to steal alcohol from a Murang’a night club left two people dead.

The incident occurred along Kenol-Murang’a road at Green Park hotel at around 3.45 am.

One area resident recounted how the thieves stormed the club taking the patrons unaware.

“They came spreading themselves out as if they were running away from something…before we could know what was happening, they took positions and ordered all present to remain still. They banged machetes on doors, tables and the floor warning that we were better of surrendering than dead,” said Peter Nthenya, a survivor.

He said all present lay on their tummies with face pressed on hard ground as ordered as the rampage went on.

“I only heard a male scream beseeching tearfully to be spared. Another man screamed as machetes whizzed in the air and there were thuds as the victims fell on the ground… I heard the two whimper as they breathed their last,” Mr Nthenya said.

He added that he nearly lost consciousness with fright and he vomited since a strong stench of blood spread all over.

“We remained with our lips kissing the floor as our pockets were ransacked, I heard them drag some crates of beer and everything went silent about 30 minutes later,” he said.

Kandara Police boss Mr Michael Mwaura said the gang raided the place and rounded the patrons and security guards.

“In the commotion that arose as the watchman and a worker tried to repulse the raiders, the deaths occurred,” Mr Mwaura said.

Armed police guards at a nearby petrol station did not respond to the distress calls.

Mr Mwaura added that investigations into the raid was on, led by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

He said scene of crime investigators secured the site and profiled the place as they took specimens for forensic analysis.

“We are making good progress and based on witness statements we are sure that we will arrest some suspects soonest. We are cooperating with intelligence contacts and already we have some leads,” he said.