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Betty Kyallo receives support from mom and celebs post-auction reports

Betty Kyallo’s family has stood by her side during her toughest times.

In addition to her family’s support, Kenyan celebrities have also rallied behind media personality and entrepreneur, Betty Kyallo, amidst reports of her business, Flair by Betty, facing auction.

Taking to Instagram to address the situation, the resilient celebrity attributed her business challenges to the harsh economic climate in Kenya.

She candidly acknowledged the difficulties of running a business amidst rent pressures and economic slowdown, ultimately accepting the fate of her venture.

“Obviously, running a business in Kenya has become so difficult,” she expressed.

“Landlords don’t want to reduce rent and it uh becomes a huge burden on businesses that are struggling because of the economic slowdown. I let it go.”

Betty also shared her newfound sense of peace and happiness after letting go of Flair By Betty, emphasising the importance of prioritizing peace of mind over material possessions.

“I am happier. I sleep better. My peace of mind is more important than a name. I’m good,” she said.

Betty also announced the reopening of her other business, Aftershave By Flair, after a two-month expansion hiatus.

“Also, after two months of expansion, we reopen Aftershave By Flair. Gentlemen, come through, I’ll be there today!” she enthusiastically shared.

In a heartfelt response, Betty’s mother, Julia Ngii, expressed her unwavering support and encouragement for her daughter’s journey:

“Life is about being able to fall and get up, when one door closes another opens. My daughter Betty you are smart, you are intelligent and resilient,” she said, “Many people look up to you and you are an inspiration to so many young people, thank you for being open about your joys and struggles, that only makes you more human. As you begin your new venture, know that mum’s prayers and vouching for you and fighting for you. I love you.”

Kenyan celebrities also flooded her comments section with words of encouragement and support.

daddyowen: I see people celebrate other people’s downfall and I wonder if they’ve tried doing business to understand what’s going on, don’t worry my sister in life you must hit such deeps for u to hit the heights again! Soldier on. Aluta continua.

suzannaowiyo: My dear. No situation is permanent. You will definitely bounce back and better.

synergy_scentske: You just said what most of us are thinking. The true entrepreneur is one who acknowledges the reality of things. Sending you all the love and resilience. We see you. We hear you.

hon.davidmwangi: We are coming to support you mamaaa. Business is about choices and costs.

mercy_maluli: You didn’t lose at all if what you lost gave you peace. Keep going girl … on to the next one.

ruthmuenikenya: My sister, My friend you are a star nobody can deem your light, this is the beginning of a new chapter… Always remember the latter things are better than the former you served us well, flair was home for many of us and remember nobody can do it like you sis, We Stumble and Rise again.. Viva Betty Viva.

mo.momanyi: It is a tough year for business @bettymuteikyallo. I am sure you will rise again with Flair. Do not lose hope and know many people are lifting you up. Glad to hear you are okay and keep shining.

Nick Mutuma: You really owe nobody an explanation. Hio ndio hali ya Biz. You’re still that girl Keep going.

blessednjugush: Wewe ni yule daaaaame!!!! You got this!

In a public notice published in local newspapers, Keysian Auctioneers announced the upcoming auction of items from the premises due to pending rent arrears.

The auction is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at Leakey’s Storage Limited, located along Lunga-Lunga Road in Nairobi.

Among the items to be auctioned are three dismantled wall shelves, a massage bed stand, two massage beds, a small server rack, a glass shelf, four large mirrors, towel warmers, and dressing tables.

Additionally, the auction will include a Binatone microwave, small rolling seats, an office table, 12 barber seats, three sink-attached seats, nine CCTV cameras, a Huawei router, a small foot massager, a Mac Coffee maker, a Hiluck video recorder, a single-door fridge, and other miscellaneous items.