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Betty Kyallo’s sister, Mercy, unveils new man

Mercy Kyallo, the Chief Executive of Yallo Leathers, and sister to media personality Betty Kyallo has disclosed her engagement to a man she had been keeping under wraps.

The successful entrepreneur spoke candidly about her fiancé and their unconventional journey to commitment during an interview with KTN Home’s Art of Living on January 19, 2024.

Mercy Kyallo with the show’s host, Nailantei Kenga. PHOTO|COURTESY

Mercy Kyallo shared that her fiancé, Marvin Gichuru, is a traditional man.

The couple, who connected over conspiracy theories, has a unique engagement story that defies conventional norms.

Mercy revealed that when they first met, they bonded over shared interests, and Gichuru, being a traditional man, took the bold step of moving her from Tigoni to Nairobi.

Hii nyumba iko na mwenyewe, Marvin Gichuru. So he got me from uko ushago, Tigoni, to where I currently am in Nairobi. Hauwezi pata bwana huko ushago. Unless you want to wash clothes hivi (manually). Look, we wanna be in the city. Let’s enjoy a little,” she humorously shared.

Discussing her personal growth and evolving life plans, Mercy expressed her happiness about embracing her true self.

“I’ve gained a few cheeks here and there. Why I feel happy. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I don’t have to pretend I know how to cook, I don’t have to pretend like I am a strong woman.”

She highlighted her fiancé’s perspective on their relationship.

“First of all, he doesn’t like me calling myself a strong woman. I do like it on myself. I’m like no, you are a baby girl, you are delicate, and I will take care of you, you know this is a partnership. You can be co-dependent; you don’t have to be super independent.”

Mercy Kyallo shared insights into her personal growth, acknowledging a shift from a more masculine trait of independence to allowing herself to be softer and smoother in a relationship.

Despite being engaged, she confirmed that she did not have a ring on her finger, emphasizing the importance of not succumbing to societal pressures and expectations.

“The engagement was pretty amazing. I won’t lie, it was mostly like a conversation. It’s not what you see on Instagram. Someone goes down, and everybody indicates cheering no, it was a conversation,” she clarified, addressing the absence of a traditional proposal.

Mercy concluded by expressing her appreciation for allowing her fiancé the freedom to define their engagement in a way that felt authentic to both of them.

In May 2023, Mercy unveiled a bearded man known as Robert during the launch of a reality TV show featuring the Kyallo sisters.

Mercy Kyallo teased her fans with a photo of her mystery bae, the couple was later spotted together at the launch of Kyallo Kuture’s second season. PHOTO| ELIZABETH NGIGI

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