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Billionaire heiress Anerlisa Muigai warns followers against idolizing the rich

Anerlisa Muigai, one of two heirs to the Keroche Breweries valued in the billions, took to social media to warn her followers about whom they chose as their role models.

In a late-night posting on Monday, August 29, 2022, Anerlisa thought to enlighten her followers on how people should choose their role models beyond what these chosen people posted on social media platforms.

“A lot of people make others their role models from the money/power they have, but when asked ‘Beside the lifestyle and what you see on social media, why is this person your role model?’

Most of them won’t have an answer beyond what they saw as an end product,” said Anerlisa in part.

She went on to advise her Instagram followers that a role model should be someone a person knew detail by detail, and not because they saw this person living in luxury.

“For example, you should know how they started, the struggles and their break-through date. Not because you’ve seen them on a private jet, have expensive cars and all the luxury.

For me, there are people who have all that but can never be my role models,” said Anerlisa.

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For some of her followers, the luxurious lifestyle she described above is what Anerlisa is known and loved for, if the comments beneath most of her social media content are anything to go by.

Many express wishes to be her friend, to learn how to be rich like her or ask how they could partner and make more money.

She is idolized for her wealth and her advice appears to come from a good place.

“My mother, Tabitha Karanja, is a perfect example of a good role model. A girl from the village, and has fought her way up and is still fighting.

So cut making people role models because of what they got,” added Anerlisa.

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Tabitha Karanja is the Chief Executive Officer of Keroche Breweries valued in the billions.

Following months of tribulations in the hands of competitors and a fight with the Kenya Revenue Authority over not remitting billions in taxes, she decided to test the political waters of Kenya.

She won the Nakuru senatorial seat at her first attempt in the August 2022 General Election. Tabitha swept to the side, several veteran career politicians and made it on the list as one of the female politicians to ascend to higher seats.

In her final warning, Anerlisa told her followers to know who their role models were and what their stories are.

“I asked one girl why Tony O. Elumelu was her role model, she answered ‘because I saw him picked by a chopper to his private jet’. The girl didn’t even know what this guy does, lol. Anyway, I explained to her. Know your role models’ stories,” she concluded.

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